ENVIRONMENTAL Justice and Building Resilience in Times of CLIMATE Crises

17th NOVEMBER, 2022

Peace Mission:
14-20 NOVEMBER, 2022


About the Event

Immediate Release:

Institute of International Peace Leaders (IIPL), Executive Offices, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN and EAST HARM, LONDON U.K. announces, a week long friendship visit, including a one-day Peace Leader training conference, in Baku, Azerbaijan – 17th November 2022.

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Call for papers

Institute of International Peace Leaders as an expert international institute on peace and security, sustainable development goals, human rights, climate change and humanitarian services, the organizing committee of the International Conference on Environmental Justice – Building Resilience in Times of Climate Catastrophe, a series of IIPL International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conferences welcomes you to submit your research as your application to present at this event

Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters,

This year is different from our past IIPL Peace Convoy training conferences. This year is bitter sweet. We are joyous on one hand that the grip COVID19 has loosened enough to allow travel, while on the other hand one-third of Pakistan is under flood-waters with thousands of lives lost and millions of people affected. As Pakistan faces a Climate Catastrophe, scientists have predicted that the flood waters will recede in two to five months. International NGO experts like Islamic Relief say that the damages to the land and infrastructure will take years to recover from. Meanwhile, financial experts Bloomberg have stated that damages exceed 30 Billion USD. But who will pay? What about the lives lost?  

A Public Health Emergency is unfolding, like never seen before. Every day, an increasing number of Pakistanis are getting sick from drinking unclean water. Additionally, the ravages of flooding have robbed millions of people of their basic needs of food, water, clothing, shelter and education. In response, IIPL volunteers are facilitating health camps in conjunction with the Pakistani – Saudi Arabia friendship partnership. 

Yes, this conference is different. IIPL Pakistani members’ eyes are wide open to the reality of Climate Catastrophe. IIPL Pakistani members are in action, responding quickly and acting with compassion while witnessing suffering on such a colossal scale that it is shockingly difficult to comprehend, and explain.

None-the-less, the following statements sum up the IIPL Executive Boards unanimous decision regarding adopting the 2022 theme of Environmental Justice

After witnessing and responding to the Climate Catastrophe IIPL holds consensus that it is incumbent upon every adult to be educated and aware of climate change and what it is. When disaster strikes we all can learn how to be prepared first respondents ready to make ethical, caring and compassionate decisions that support the survivors.

To date, there is no continent spared. For example, the excessively high temperatures across the globe and also the fires of Australia, Spain, and North America. Melting ice burgs, rising sea levels, rising temperatures and warming acidified oceans are quickly changing the way many of us live and all adults must be educated.

As Peace Leaders, let us bravely face this reality before us, together, in service and in community.


Conference Coordinator
Chief Executive Officer
United Kingdom

lady mya amarise

Conference Coordinator
Vice Chairperson
United Kingdom

H. Aaliyyah bint allawi

Conference Coordinator
International Executive Director
United States of America

2nd International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference
IIPL Chairman's Message

Dear Colleagues,

On Behalf of the IIPL Conference Organizing Committee, I welcome all the Humanitarians, Activists, Peace Leaders, Environmental Justice, and Climate Change professionals to this signature event of the year 2nd Annual International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference. This year's signature theme is Environmental Justice and Building Resilience in Times of Climate Catastrophe in historical city of Baku, Azerbaijan on November 17, 2022.

This year's theme, Environmental Justice - Building Resilience in Times of Climate Catastrophe, builds on the success of previous meetings and IIPL 1st International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference (Watering the Fields of Humanity in Islamabad, Pakistan -2020.

This year, our International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference, is designed to be a platform where experts share practical knowledge with which to actualize in our everyday lives. I look forward to learning, alongside with you, the latest results from top industrial, government, and academic environmental and climate change scientists, activists and professionals on these topics and all other related topics to be announced.

We are indeed in a time of great climate catastrophe where environmental injustices are increasing day by day. By sharing science backed by data we can unveil the truth about climate change and conduct our daily lives based in reality. By being strongly rooted in reality, we can make better informed decisions on preparedness, be better equipped to respond to catastrophes and appropriately support those in needs with compassion and dignity. To this end, we believe everybody has something important to share. Please contact us (info@internationalpeaceleaders.com) if you have something to share on the topic. Please, join and share your research results!

All Glory to God, the program has already shaped up to be excellent and designed to offef attendees many educational and networking opportunities. The backdrop of the beautiful and historic city of Baku will surely add to the pleasure of the meeting and provide lasting memories by visiting different historical and natural places together.

I add my best wishes for a successful and fruitful conference and my thanks to all organizers and conference coordinators.

We’re looking forward to an excellent conference with great speakers from different countries, from around the world - all of whom are gearing up to share new and exciting results in Environmental Justice and Climate Change, which will be held in Baku Azerbaijan, on November 17, 2022.

I will see you soon in Baku, Azerbaijan with greetings of peace and respect!

Your’s Sincerely,
Institute of International Peace Leaders

What is the main purpose of the conference?

The main purpose of the conference is for IIPL members to gather in person to share information about Climate Emergency and meet to discuss how to sustainably support at-risk groups such as the poor, refugees, homeless and recent victims of domestic violence.

What is the intended outcome of the IIPL conference?

i.e. IIPL is currently in phase 2 of 3 of the UN review. The Annual IIPL meeting will demonstrate to the UN that IIPL is active in service and strategic planning. Official recognition of IIPL by the UN will open the door to more funding options and more stable and expanded aid programs. IIPL will be able insha Allah continue its existing programs and expand to more sites globally.

How will the IIPL conference assist in serving the flood victims of Pakistan and areas of South Asia, as well as, victims of drough in the Horn of Africa and pockets of drought globally (including Nepal)?

The conference educates IIPL members regarding Climate Emergency. Presentations are scheduled by experts such as air control tower and weather engineering professionals, for example. The knowledge gained by attendees can be shared globally as attendees are arriving from 25 countries.


Meet the Speakers

Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful leaders who are known to be ruling the industry for years. Join the seminar and take a step closer to being an expert.

M. Atta Ur Rehman

IIPL CHairman - Pakistan

Kharayat Hussain Ch.

IIPL Ambassador to UN - Pakistan

IIPL Executive Director USA

Chief Executive Officer IIPL & President of women's wing of uk &Pakistan chamber of commerce and industry

Nazim Huseynov

Department of Aviation Meteorology - Azerbaijan

Sebahat Adalar

Actress from Turkey

M. Atta Ur Rehman

IIPL CHairman - Pakistan

Rza Mahmudov

Doctor of Geography

Virtual Spakers

Prof. Dr. Austin Mardon

President Antarctic Institute of Canada

Mohamed Ameer Al-Shehab

IIPL Intl. Executive Director – Saudi Arabia

Laura Vanetti

IIPL Intl. Executive Director – Department of Sustainable Tourism (Italy)

About the Organisers

The Institute of International Peace Leaders – IIPL is an International organisation dedicated to promote Peace and Security, across the World, taking into consideration the UN Sustainable Development Goals with special consideration to SDG 16the Universal Declaration of Human RightsInter-Religious Harmony, and Climate Change. IIPL believes that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for global security and without sustainable peace, there is no concept of development.

Join this conference and get a chance to meet us and join our team.

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It is not possible to host several seminars in different locations without helping hands. We have several partners who volunteer to help us physically and financially to make things happen.

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